Clean, green, fun and healthy: Take an unexpected journey with Paddle Qwest, the first and only compact pontoon boat with pedal power. With modern pontoon amenities and riverboat style paddle wheel, Paddle Qwest is easy to use, provides plenty of room for guests and gear, and is surprisingly powerful enough to handle in any water.


  • Unique All Aluminum Riverboat Paddle Wheel with Strategically Located “Windows” to Reduce Resistance and Accommodate Heavier Loads
  • Health-Focused Alternative to Enjoying Time on the Water
  • Lightweight, Compact Design with a Heavy Duty Pedal Drive System and a Central Helm Make Steering and Maneuvering a Breeze
  • Environmentally Friendly Way to be on the Water Without On-Going Fuel Costs
  • The Perfect Choice for Smaller Lakes or Lakes that Ban Internal Combustion Engines; but also a Viable Option for Use on Most Waterways and Lakes

Optional Electric Package

  • 24 Volt Electric Drive Package and Selector Clutch Allows You to Use Foot Pedals or Electric Power. Package Includes Navigation Lights, Charger and Horn


Pontoon Length14"16"
Deck Size6' x 10' x 8"6' x 12' x 8''
Overall Length16' 4"18"
Length Inside Rails9' 3"10' 9"
Overall Width72"72"
Pontoon Diameter19"19"
Maximum Weight Capacity1,000 lbs.1,200 lbs.
Maximum Person Capacity6 people
1,000 lbs.
8 people
1,200 lbs.
Approx. Dry Weight750 lbs.875 lbs.


Battery Runtime2-4 hrs
Optional Solar System Daily RuntimeAverage SunAdds 1-2 hrs run time
Full SunAdds 2-3 hrs run time

Optional SOLAR Package

  • Clean and Free Renewable Energy for the Life of the Boat
  • Provides 1-3 Hours of Electric Operation Per Day from the Sun
  • No Cords To Plug-In and No Need To Have Electricity at the Dock
  • System is Charging the Batteries While at Dock and as You are Out Enjoying the Boat
  • 190 Watt High Efficiency Crystalline Solar Panel Providing a 51⁄2 Amp Max Charge Rate
  • Can Charge All Types of Lead Acid and the New Apex Lithium Batteries