Electric Power

Go Green: Environmentally conscious boaters will be delighted that electric power is not just for your car, but is now available for your compact pontoon. You can enjoy all the lakes have to offer, even restricted lakes that ban internal combustion outboards, with optimum performance and no fuel costs.


  • Light Weight, Compact Design Promotes Optimum Performance from Limited Horsepower Electric Outboards
  • Environmentally Friendly Way to be on theWater Without On-Going Fuel Costs
  • The Perfect Choice for Smaller Lakes or Lakes that Ban Internal Combustion Engines; but Also a Viable Option for Use on Most Waterways and Lakes
  • Quiet and Simple to Operate and Maintain
  • Remote Steering and Throttle Control Just Like that of an Outboard
  • On-board Chargers Ensure Your Pontoon is Ready When You Are